NOW taking bookings for 2018
Going Away? What to do with your Cat/s?
Short notice, no problem......
Your Cat/s will be less stressed by
staying in there own home with Myself to visit once or twice a day to feed, put
fresh water down and sort litter trays, etc
Also better for you!
You don't have the
hassle of booking/visiting Catterys, you can enjoy your time away knowing I
will be popping in to feed your cat/s and your
house isn't left empty.
Whilst you're away I can
Move Post open/close curtains lights on/off water plants Put out the bin out on collection days
You can also be reassured that If your
cat becomes ill whilst you are away, I hold a pet first aid certificate, and if
necessary contact you before I take your cat/s to the vets.
Medication can also be given and special
diets if needed.
I also drive a plain car and do not wear
a uniform so as not to announce you're away from home. 
 The cost is from £10 per visit not per cat I
cover most areas
In and around Sheffield
You are welcome to drop/collect keys from my house use a key safe as collecting keys is a £10 charge

I no longer accept cheques and ask for payment 7 days before Cat Sitting is to start,you can pay direct into Sue's Cat Sitting bank account or pay cash when keys are handed over,
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